Achieve your perfect smile with Orthodontics

Are you unhappy with your smile? Perhaps you feel your teeth are crooked, have gaps between them or jutting out too much? Arrange for a consultation with our orthodontist to find out how we can help achieve your ideal smile.


As part of your Orthodontic consult, your x-ray and photos will be taken. Our orthodontist will then study your case and present a personalised treatment plan at your next visit. Depending on your preference and our orthodontists’ recommendation, you can choose between using braces or Invisalign to treat your teeth.

orthodontics dental treatment restores teeth alignment

Orthodontics Treatments

At Aloha Dental, we offer 3 types of orthodontics treatments:





Treated By Specialist Orthodontist

The following conditions can be treated with Orthodontics:
Overbite (Deep Bite)

Overbite is used to describe a condition whereby your upper jaw overlaps your lower jaw. If not treated early, overbite can lead to teeth health issues and speech difficulties.


Underbite occurs when your lower jaw extends beyond your upper front teeth. If left untreated, it may lead to mouth pain and difficulty in chewing.

Crossbite is a dental condition where your upper teeth lie behind your lower teeth when your mouth is closed. This can lead to headaches and pain in your jaw and teeth.
open bite
Openbite describes a condition where upper and lower teeth both slant outwards, as such they do not touch when the mouth is shut. Speech difficulties coupled with trouble chewing are associated with this condition.
excessive spacing between teeth
Excessive Spacing
Teeth spacing is a condition whereby the front teeth are separated by large spaces. Having excessive space allows for gum disease to settle in at a faster pace.
teeth crowding
When your jaw does not have sufficient space for your teeth, they tend to bunch up, overlap and twist. This makes effective brushing or flossing difficult, thus leading to higher risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Orthodontic appliances apply gentle force to your teeth and jaws in order to correct their future growth. Not only does this help to give you a beautiful smile, it also helps reduce the risk of future tooth decay and periodontal disease.

FAQ – Orthodontics

How long do Orthodontic treatments take?

The average length of Orthodontic treatments varies between 18 to 24 months. Yet, minor conditions can be successfully treated within a 6 month period.

Are relapses of tooth conditions possible?

Although your teeth should not go back to how they were pre-treatment, shifting of teeth takes place throughout the course of your life. As such, we recommend that retainers be worn post-treatment to ensure that your teeth remain in position for as long as possible.

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