Cosmetic Dentistry

Feel good about your smile with cosmetic dental treatments

A beautiful smile is one of the most sought after features in cosmetic medicine. People from all backgrounds and professions want a white, straight smile, and we can help make it a reality.


Each smile makeover is different. We start by doing a thorough examination and deciding on what each patient requires. We look at the colour of your teeth and how they are all lined up. We check to see if there are any missing teeth or if any are cracked, chipped, or broken.


Our goal is to give all patients a healthy and happy smile. We want you to have a bright smile, along with teeth that line up correctly and are aesthetically pleasing.

getting the perfect smile with comestic dentistry
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FAQ – Cosmetic Dentistry

Is cosmetic dentistry for me?

Whether through minor adjustments or major changes, cosmetic dentistry aims to help people feel good about the way their teeth look. There are many procedures that can improve your teeth. Common options include bonding, veneers, bleaching, reshaping, and crowns. In addition to cosmetic improvements, these procedures can help solve other oral problems as well.

What is the cost of aesthetic dentistry?

As procedures vary in complexity and cost, we recommend that you discuss your options with our dentists before proceeding with choosing a procedure best suited for your requirements.

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