Big changes in Orthodontic technology since its inception

In the early days, stainless steel bands were cemented on individual teeth. This causes more pain as separating procedures for individual teeth were needed before the bands were fitted. Heavy stainless steel wires exerting high forces were used to move teeth. Almost 50% of the tooth would be covered by the metal band making it visually less appealing and sometimes resulting in patients being called “Metal Mouth”.


Since then, the world of Orthodontics has evolved greatly. From the beginning of 2000, there has been a tremendous change in Orthodontic technology. It was a big leap forward. It began with the introduction of a completely new type of bracket – self ligating braces.


Self Ligating Brackets (e.g. Damon brackets) offer low force and low friction technology. With the combined use of these new brackets with super elastic nickel titanium wires and modern bonding materials, teeth can be moved much faster and with significantly reduced discomfort.

girl with perfect teeth holding teeth braces model
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FAQ – Braces

How long do I need to wear my braces for?

The length of your braces treatment will vary depending on the conditions and complications of your case. Typically, the treatment will last anywhere from a few months to 30 months, with most being removed at the 18-24 month mark.

How often will I need to visit my orthodontist?

While braces are designed to be as comfortable as possible, it may take a little adjusting to get used to having added brackets on your teeth. Overtime, wearing braces will become second nature to you!

How should I care for my teeth and braces?

We recommend brushing your teeth after each meal to ensure that food does not get stuck between your teeth. Do also cut down on soft drinks, coffee and tea as they can cause stains.

Will I need to wear retainers after my braces treatment?

Shifting of teeth takes place throughout the course of your life. As such, we recommend that retainers be worn post-treatment to ensure that your teeth remain in position for as long as possible.

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