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Dr. Loh Kai Woh and his team have been providing excellent orthodontic and dental care in Singapore since 1985. Our approach combines more than 30 years of clinical expertise and digital dentistry technology as we strive to provide high quality clinical standards for all our patients.

We believe that every patient should feel comfortable in our practice every step of the way, from your first appointment till you achieve your dream smile. We strive to answer all your dental questions, and do our best to help you meet your treatment goals.


Dental Treatments


Invisalign is a non-invasive orthodontic treatment that uses aligners to gently shift your teeth to its desired position. Invisalign treatment has risen in popularity as these aligners are clear and easily removable during mealtimes, allowing for subtlety and convenience. Find out how Aloha Dental can help plan out your Invisalign journey for you.


Aloha Dental specialises in using self ligating braces (e.g. Damon brackets) which utilises low force and low friction technology. With the combine use of these new brackets with super elastic nickel titanium wires and modern bonding materials, teeth can be moved much faster and with much reduced pain. Many cases where removal of teeth was once needed, they can now be treated without removal of teeth. Learn how Aloha Dental can help create your ideal smile.

Other Dental Treatments

Other than Invisalign and braces, Aloha Dental provides a host of other dental services including scaling and polishing, extractions, fillings, implants, root canal treatment and crowns. Learn more about our offerings.

Dr Loh Kai Woh

Meet Dr. Loh Kai Woh

Dr. Loh is a dental specialist in Orthodontics and has more than three decades of clinical experience treating orthodontics, functional occlusion and dental patients in Singapore. His key focus is on clinical excellence and takes pride in each and every smile he creates. Embracing technological advances, he implements 3D digital imaging and uses senior quality appliances to create better smiles for his patients. A well-known orthodontist in Singapore, Dr. Loh has treated many orthodontic patients, from simple to complex cases.


Dr. Loh is a pioneer in his field and his commitment to the profession and his clinical expertise are recognized by the dental community not only locally but internationally as well. What distinguishes this practice from others? Dr. Loh puts his heart and soul into creating the dream smile for each and every patient, and his orthodontic work is remarkable. Fellow dentists often refer patients who have complex issues to him, because they trust his work. In his free time, Dr. Loh enjoys playing golf, staying active and singing while strumming his guitar.

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