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Loh, K.W.
Colour physioprint - a three dimensional method of recording soft tissue facial pattern.
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Loh, K.W.
Effects of the change in mandibular position on the soft tissue facial pattern in three dimensions.
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Loh, K.W.
The management of unilateral impacted second and third molars.
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Loh, K.W.
Orthodontic/Orthopaedic adjuncts to fixed orthodontic appliances.
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Loh, K.W.
A conservative alternative to lower posterior bridges replacing mandibular first molars.
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Loh, K.W.
Low force, low friction orthodontic system for rapid and efficient tooth movement.
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Loh, K.W.
Rapid tooth movement with a low force, low friction bracket system.
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Loh, K.W.
Management of crowded upper and lower teeth in the mixed dentition.
News & Trends in Orthodontics. Vol 17 January 2010.
Loh, K.W.
Management of bucally erupted canines and lower midline deviation
– A case report. Journal of the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society.
August 2010


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